Monday, 24 September 2012

The All Blacks vs. South Africa

In the Beginning
I don't even know where to start on explaining this crazy day! It all started at 8:30am with my alarm going off and I literally went from my bed to a keg outside our flat. With the game being at 7:30pm the boys wanted to get an early start on getting ready for the game!?! At that point in the morning there was really only 7 of us crazy  (or brave) enough to start drinking. As the morning progressed on, more and more people came and things started to get out of hand.

At the beginning of the year a couple buddies bought a cheap car that ended up breaking down before they could really take it anywhere so it has been parked in the parking lot for the entire semester. I'm not relaly sure how it started but ended up turning into something similar to a riot with the car getting the windows smashed out, all the lights smashed and to finsh it off, she was rolled! Its definitley one way to get amped up for the All Blacks game.

A few of us ended up strolling into town to get a second keg, little did i know it was around 12pm (things we do in NZ). The next thing I knew we were at the annual "Naked Rugby Game" and yes it is exactly what you think. Something that no one should ever have to experience or take part in, in their life...
Came home from that and the time strangley hit 4pm and with everyone slowing walking back to their flats I thought it would be crucial to have a quick power nap before the game. What a terrible decision that was. I woke up so late that I thought I missed the rugby game!
What was left...

We started to walk over around 6:30 to the stadium and it felt like half the population of Dunedin had the same idea. The streets were packed with people everywhere all walking towards the stadium. It was the first All Blacks rugby game in the new Forsyth Barr stadium that just opened last year. The place was already packed when we arrived and we all had to split up because our tickets were all in different sections. I ended up sitting in row F (row A was front seats) right behind the All Blacks uprights. By the time I got to my seat the All Blacks were performing their traditional Haka.
The Haka

Walking into the Stadium
The game started and another international student (Jesse) came and sat beside me. Having an empty seat and some angry old guy on the other side I was happy when she took the seat. The whole game was quite the experience! The play was so fast pace, hits were huge, and being so close to the field we could see everything going on. One real drunk kiwi came and sat in-front of us wearing a   horse head, so we got some humor out of talking with him.

The All Blacks obviously ended up winning 21-11 against South Africa and the victory was not taken lightly. After the game everyone went home to prepare for one crazy night. I ended up only lasting an hour at a party before calling it a night. I just couldn't take anymore after such an eventful day. But from what I heard downtown Dunedin that night was just wild! The streets, bars, and pubs were all packed full of people celebrating the recent victory, while I was KO'd. These Kiwis really know how to party!

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