Monday, 8 October 2012

20th Birthday Kiwi Style

My Birthday started on the Sunday, September 30th with my bestie Laura staying up with me until 12am. As soon as the clock hit October 1st she proceeded to beat the hell out of me while screaming "ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" While I curled up in the fetal position trying to defend myself. Once Laura's arms got tired of hitting me, the birthday battle came to an end and I went to bed planning on getting up for my 9am class.

Waking up Monday morning I didn't share the same feelings as the night before and had this strange idea of "its my birthday! I don't need to go to class..." So I made an awesome breakfast, went to the gym and came home to get the house ready for the evening ahead. I heard a rumor from some Kiwis that a dairy close to our flat had a birthday special of getting 5 scoops for just a dollar! So we ventured over to "Dundas Dairy" in hopes of us all splitting this massive ice cream. But much to my surprise the ice cream special wasn't there anymore (they only did it for 6 months and then stopped? sucks to have your birthday in the other 6 months of the year...) 

Walking home after that strange explanation we encountered all of these drunk Kiwi girls running around the road trying to round up people for their initiation (basically long story short some roads are so prestigious for partying that the people living there next year literally have to be initiated by the students living there this year). And these 'wastey cases' are running around on a Monday afternoon trying to find people to help them. Of-course Laura forces me to do it saying "its his birthday, he'll do it!" And that was it, I was running behind these drunk Kiwis back to their flat where 40 other people were waiting for our arrival. I really want to forget what happened next, but I will tell you this. It required this girl to lick ketchup off my stomach, take a shot of tequila (almost spewing on me), then wiping off the rest of the ketchup...? Definitely a story for the birthday books!

Running out of there, Laura and I headed home both very shell-shocked on what we just experienced. I got in the shower right away and got ready for everyone to come over.  A bunch of us headed out that night for a birthday BYO to an Indian restaurant. Apparently it was a rule was made that I had to wear a huge colorful sombrero the entire night which was pretty good at acting as an umbrella. 
                                                               After Robs Great Idea
Dinner was great! I made a very terrible speech, spilled half my curry on my jeans and barely ate what was left of my curry because we were all talking so much! Once the obnoxiousness group of us paid we all traveled back to our flat for some drinks and drunken banter. I couldn't believe it but I got heaps of birthday presents! A Canadian cupcake platter, carrot cake, and candy card was all made for me! Definitely was not expecting that.


Overall it was such an awesome experience to celebrate my 20th birthday in NEW ZEALAND! It was much different than any other of my 19 birthdays before; lets hope the big 21st can top it.

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