Friday, 10 August 2012

How the Adventure Begins

My journey starts waking up Saturday June 30th from an extremely restless sleep. Knowing that I would be leaving that day for an entire year not seeing friends or family was a little nerve racking. It was an extremely stressful morning, full of multiple lists to prevent me from forgetting anything (still forgot a bunch). Saying goodbye to one of my super close friends that morning was when it really hit me that it was actually happening. Fortunately for them, they had purposely left before "it got emotional"

Ofcourse it was a family trip to the airport, with the rents and Aunt. Arriving at the chaotic YYZ airport was an experience in itself. Air Canada's computers were down so all the passengers flying Air Canada that day were required to line up and wait to be told when they were to check in for their flight. It was an absolute disaster BUT worked out in my favour. When our flight finally got called to check-in they had explained to us that since their system was down they were not charging for overweight luggage! Score! My 60lb bag was free from extra charges.

And then it came time to say goodbye to the rents... Now I never thought in a million years that it would be that hard to say goodbye to parents! I guess I'm just a little "Moma's Boy"

Flight #1 - Toronto to San Francisco: Easy Peasy 5 hour flight, watched two movies and it was practically over. Then the next 7 hour layover was even better in the SanFran airport! I think I got through at least two seasons of entourage just sitting there.

Flight #2 - San Francisco to Auckland: This dreadful 11 hour flight was on the biggest plane I have ever seen in my life! Unfortunately not being the wisest person ever, I didn't take anything to knock me out for the flight, so it was more like 5 movies, and a couple episodes of Community before that flight was over... It wasn't my most favorite flying experience. Arriving in Auckland was just as brutal as the flight. I had less than 30 minutes to get off the massive plane, get my luggage, clear customs (which were really concerned about my  "used running shoes"), and board another plane. Sure enough by the time I passed customs an airline attendant explained to me that I had missed my flight by 15 minutes. Little did she know that it was delayed another 25 minutes and as I walked onto the plane we were getting ready to take off

Flight #3 - Auckland to Dunedin: Last flight, super short, had three seats at the back of the plane all to myself and we were flying over mountains the entire time. It was a great flight!

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