Thursday, 23 August 2012

Living Young, Wild and Free!

So this is definitely either one of the coolest things or the stupidest things that I have ever done in my entire life! If you have not read the "Living Dunedin Style" post, Id suggest reading that first.

I never thought that going to the gym would have ever got me involved in what happened post-gym. I saw my buddy Liam in the gym and the conversation went like this:

Liam:  "I picked up a raft from the Salvation Army on the weekend. Was thinking of rafting the Lei..."

Jordan:"I AM IN!"

Little did I know this raft was literally a pool toy that fit a maximum of 215lbs. It was perfect! We found a kayak paddle and decided to do a couple test runs. They didnt go so well for us...

First time we attempted it we hit a small patch of rapids right away, spun around and instantly flipped. Smashing on all the rocks flowing through this dreadful river. Barely getting out of the current we figured our weight wasn't distributed correctly in the boat so we had to try it again (I know your probably shaking your head) This time we put a girl in the front with the paddle and having one of us guys in the back. Success!

After the first run walking back up the river, cops stopped us and I had a million thoughts running through my head (will I be deported, charged). Hell no! I forgot its New Zealand. They explained to us that if an emergency situation happens then we will be charged. Being young and invincible this did not stop us! The cops actually watched and laughed as we kept falling out. I love NZ

The best part was that another car pulled up with 3 Kiwi guys jumping out with cameras running towards us. Turns out another group of 5 Kiwi guys (very intoxicated) had the same idea and started further up the river in a very similar raft size to ours... They flew by us! Hollering and yelling the whole time.  (Just picture 5 real drunk teenagers barely in a dinky raft all with paddles no bigger than a kitchen soup spoon paddling down the river) This was one of the funniest things I have ever seen

One of the rocks we hit popped a hole in the bottom of the raft. Nothing a little patch job cant fix up!

K-Mart Grundy Run

Today I competed in my first ever "Underwear Run" Only hearing about an advertisement on the radio a couple days prior, my buddy Ryan and I show up at this field all ready for business around 10:30am expecting to see a run expo and a registration desk (seeing how the run was at 12pm). It was dead and we thought we were in the wrong place. Turns out the registration started at 11:30am at the place we were at (Honestly I should have known, being in Kiwi Land)

It ended up being an obstacle course run across a rugby field, that they thought of on the spot (run 50m, crawl 10m, run backwards 20m then sprint right back to the start...) Talk about organization. Race actually didn't start until around 12:30pm and there was a turn out of around 35 people (not bad for a half an hour notice eh!). The winner got a $500 gift card to K-Mart!

Being the tall long distance runner, I did not have a chance against all these short track stars (Ryan and I had a plan that I would sacrifice myself to take out the fastest runner and he could win, we decided against it though). We didn't do too bad! I had a bad start but caught up on the mud crawl through an awesome power slide but at that point there was already a Kiwi hitting the end of the rugby field.

Overall it was so much fun! Got a little muddy, had like 5 hot dogs and they gave out some random prizes (I snagged a classy fleece sweater vest). Ryan and I walked back to our flats in our underwear. We got some pretty funny looks (Ryan was in a speedo...)

It times like these that make this trip so memorable and such a great time! Lord only knows whats going to happen next...

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