Friday, 10 August 2012

We Drink to the Health of the Cardinal Puff

Let me first start by explaining that this was probably one of the best nights I have ever had in my life. For a going away party the majority of my closest friends all drove up (some driving further than others - sorry Millar and Madison) to Beaverton, Ontario to have one last wild night before I head off, and oh did the Brock Badgers make it get out of hand!

This adventure all starts with me arriving back into Toronto from a week trip in Mexico (that trip is an entire story in itself). But long story short, our flight got delayed until the morning of my going away party so I arrived in Toronto Saturday morning and the Shindig was Saturday night. So having no sleep in three days and seeing that my main man Morgan's was 2 for 1 at Duty Free in the airport I was all ready to go!

My amazing Aunt Sharon and Uncle Wim were kind enough to let 15 of my closest hooligan friends come up for a night to their beautiful home on the lake. We set up tents on their front yard and got straight to the swimming and drinking. They always have children up to their place so their shed was full of just the craziest water toys and of course we had to bring them out! (I think we had more fun on them that any child would).

Dinner was an amazing BBQ and tons of food that everybody brought (I'd have to say Amanda's Skor bars were my favorite part). And after dinner we did one last freezing cold swim while the sun was setting (Doesn't compare to New Zealand cold).


Sure enough after that swim was the start to a one wild night full of shenanigans! Started with Survivor flip-cup (Team BRYAN won, it was a good effort on Steven though). But the highlight of the night was Cardinal Puff. This was a drinking game my Uncle Wim came out and showed us and I believe he said they played it while he was in the military. All I can say is that it is a dangerous and horrific game that should never be played again. 

After Cardinal Puff people dispersed everywhere; some making human pyramids, some in the hot tub and others moving inside where it was safe. It was Chua's Birthday as well and my Aunt not thinking of the consequences handed me a bottle of   champagne to celebrate his birthday. Within 10 seconds of me having that bottle poor Chua was covered from head to toe in champagne. 

With the night winding down, many started to migrate to tents and literally just dropped wherever they pleased within the tents. I won't name any names, but others thought it would be funny to run around collapsing all the tents. Sure enough this resulted in almost everyone moving inside and sleeping where-ever they could find a spot in my Aunts house. My poor Aunt and Uncle had to wake up to Canada's future doctors, teachers, and accountants passed out all around their house.

Breakfast is where some emotions started coming out... Melissa and Amanda being the amazing girls that they are brought me "going-away gifts" and man they were awesome. They gave me Molson Canadian tall-boys, home-made maple syrup, mix-tapes with Canadian artists and they even wrote a song for me! Now those are two special friends. 

The clean-up wasnt hard at all because all the tents were practically destroyed already. And then it was to the goodbyes, I hate the goodbyes. But as I recently just heard "Its not Goodbye, its I'll see you later" 
I will always remember that night as one of the best nights with my closest friends and I cannot wait for another chance to get a little crazy with them again. 

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