Friday, 10 August 2012

Dunedin Adventure Recap

If you hadn't noticed the I have started this blog a month late and am going off memory from all the events that have already happened. So this next post is of all the adventures that I have been on around Dunedin in the last month!

- Conquering the Worlds Steepest Street

Isn't it convenient that the worlds steepest street is located less than 3km away from my flat! So being an ambitious XC runner and not even seeing the street beforehand I decided to go for a run in that area one day to become the "Master of Hill-workouts." Reaching Baldwin street I didn't think it looked that bad at all! I felt that 350m long street would be an easy peasy stroll up to the top. Having only ran a few times since I have been here and not being a huge fan of hill workouts anyways, it hit me around 300m why no one else was running the worlds steepest street. But with only 50m to go and so many tourists standing around I couldn't disappoint them and myself. I conquered the worlds steepest street!

                                                     - Cadbury Factory

I find it very funny that before I came here all my mom could talk about was the Cadbury Factory and how if she came to visit we would have to do the Cadbury factory tour. I don't think either of us realized that it was a 5 minute walk from my flat. I actually ended up doing the tour with my flatmate and to be honest I was a little disappointed with our tour of a chocolate factory (we didn't need a golden ticket to get in, no one fell in a chocolate river, no one turned into a blueberry). But it did full-fill one of my hopes. Leaving the chocolate factory I was so sick of eating chocolate I said "I will never eat chocolate again." I knew that wasn't true so I did buy three massive chocolate bars.

- Tunnel Beach
Don't you love how last minute sporadic plans are always the best! One day walking back from the gym, I got home and my flatmate was running out the door yelling "Jordan! Lets go we're heading to Tunnel Beach!" I stink, I'm exhausted, and it was freezing out... I told her to give me two minutes to change my socks. Tunnel beach is around a 10min drive from Dunedin and it was amazing. It was quite a trek down to the cliffs and the beach but it was well worth it. There is a tunnel heading to the beach (clever name) and the Kiwi we were with explained how they dug the tunnel out with spoons. Unfortunately this poor girl that we were with believed him. The tide was high when we got to the beach so as the tide went out we climbed onto the rocks to see how far we could get without getting wet. Some of us we're luckier than others. We were all so focused on jumping on the rocks that we really didn't notice that a storm was rolling in. So the walk back up to the car wasn't the best

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